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frequently asked questions

  • What is live stream production?
    A live stream video production, or webcast, is similar to a live television production except that the video stream is broadcast over the Internet rather than a traditional television network.

  • What is the purpose of live streaming?
    Live streaming enables you to create and share videos in real time. It's just like live TV! With social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, you can go live with the click of a button, enabling you to engage with your audience at that very moment. 

  • What will the live stream audience see?
    Our cameras can be positioned to let your online audience feel like they are part of the audience. The main camera is operated by a camera operator and is positioned to capture all the action. The second camera can be positioned to capture wide angle shots. A third or fourth camera are a great option for close ups of the performer or a view of the audience.


  • What will the live stream audience hear?
    The online audience will hear the same as the main audience. We take an audio feed from the performer’s audio equipment or the venue PA. We also provide lapel microphones for the performers, speakers, artists, commentators and external microphones to pick up the audience, atmosphere and ambiance. All the audio is fed into our audio mixer and is balanced to ensure the correct levels are live streamed.


  • Are we able to have graphic titles and end credits on the live stream?
    All our live streams can include graphics, logos, overlays, titles and credits. We can produce and manage the graphics for you.


  • Are we able to have videos, slide shows or moving images on the live stream?
    Our live streams can include video’s or moving graphics, which can be overlayed or played at certain points during the broadcast. We can produce and manage the graphics for you.


  • Are we able to have scores on the live stream?
    Our live stream software is able to add the score card graphics and live scoring or results, which can to controlled by our live stream producer or controlled remotely by someone from your organisation via web page url. We are also able to bring in the audio from the commentary to give a truly professional broadcast.


  • Is the live stream recorded?
    Yes, we always record the stream to a hard drive during the performance, in case of any technical issues. This can be made available to you as an unedited MP4 file downloadable link, upon request.


  • Can we sell tickets for the Live Stream?
    Yes, we can provide or help you set up a ticketed option. There are several platforms that carry out this option, often the providers take a small fee or cut for the service, so you need to be aware of this when setting your ticket price. Again we can set this up for you, for an extra fee. But it is a great way to generate extra revenue.


  • Will my Live Stream be in HD?
    We aim to always live stream in Full 1080 HD quality, but sometimes the available bandwidth of the 4G network or broadband signal means we have to drop down to 720 to ensure there aren't any drops in the stream. We always record a backup of the stream at 1080 HD on a hard drive, which can be uploaded after the event.


  • Do you Live Stream at 4k?
    Currently most live streams are either 720 or 1080 HD, the data required for a 4k streams are very high, so until the 5G network coverage in the UK is fully established, 1080 HD will remain the standard. Our cameras are capable of filming and recording 4K, ensuring the image captured is at the highest quality.


  • Can you live stream outside or remote locations?
    Yes, we use broadcast level equipment and the same LRT bonding technology deployed by global broadcasters. This allows you to combine multiple network connections (Mobile 4G, WiFi and Ethernet), ensuring bandwidth consistency across the most challenging networks. The technology is optimised for video performance, enabling us to deliver rock-solid video streams from anywhere or any building.


  • Do you supply the data and network for live streaming.
    Yes, Fuzed Media bring our own data and four live stream networks. Local Wi-Fi can become unreliable as guests and audiences join the local network, so we like to bring our own, that is dedicated to our live stream equipment. The LRT bonding technology takes up to 4 networks, so we may also use the venues (Wi-Fi Broadband) network as well, if we feel there is available bandwidth.


  • Is Live Streaming still popular?
    Yes, we are seeing more and more demand, from businesses, groups & individuals to live stream events. When live events came to a halt, livestreaming took precedence, drawing a rising number of viewers looking for a new way to connect. In fact, 24% of US internet users ages 16 to 64 began watching more livestreams during the first month of lockdowns, according to a March 2020 survey from GlobalWebIndex. Livestreaming viewership boomed over the last year as a direct result of the pandemic, but the trend didn’t start there. Stay-at-home mandates only accelerated the growth of the existing livestreaming landscape, which was already an increasingly popular way to engage with influencers, attend virtual events, watch video game content, and, more recently, discover products through live shopping. Newfound relevance has given major livestreaming platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch more reason to continue rolling out new features, and marketers are taking note—especially when it comes to experimenting with advertising and commerce opportunities.

If you have any further questions please get in touch either by phone on 07817 460773 or email on

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